General FAQs

Who founded AEPA?
Adventist Event Planners Association (AEPA) was founded by Debra Brill, VP of North American Division (NAD), in 2006. 

Why was AEPA established?
Adventist Event Planners Association (AEPA), founded in 2006 by the North American Division (NAD) of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, was established to Educate, Equip and Empower Seventh-day Adventist event planners throughout NAD.

Where can members find a copy of the bylaws?
The bylaws can be found under “About AEPA” tab for active members (planners).

Where is AEPA located?
AEPA is located at the headquarters of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, currently located in Silver Spring, Maryland, but soon to move to its brand new home in Columbia, Maryland.

Can I contact AEPA by phone?
At this time, AEPA board members can be contacted by emailing or website.

What can members expect from AEPA?
Whether a novice or an expert planner, AEPA provides resources and information so that its members plan their events with competency and confidence, as well as, efficiency and excellence. As a member, you can expect continuous support via local Lunch-n-Learns spearheaded by industry experts, online and in-person professional seminars, planning resources, collaborations, and volunteer opportunities.

Who can join AEPA?
There are two types of AEPA members. They are:
  • Planners–Experience and inexperienced Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) members who plan or want to plan events (meetings, weddings, fundraisers, etc.). 
  • Suppliers–Companies that provide services & products to our planners.

If you are not an active SDA member, you can only register as a supplier. Planner membership is for SDAs, only.

What is the membership fee?
For a planner, it is $50/yr. For a supplier, it is $150.  All fees are nonrefundable.

What is the duration of a membership?
Memberships are renewed annually. The renewal process is NOT automated. You will be notified via email to renew your membership. 

Can I share my membership with my co-workers, friends, and family members?
AEPA memberships are per planner/supplier and therefore, we expect members to not share their login information with other people but encourage them to join our association.

Does AEPA offer event planning services to its members?
AEPA provides online resources via its website that can help planners be more knowledgeable and efficient in their tasks. We do NOT plan, coordinate or consult with our members about their events. BUT there are professional event planners, coordinators and consultants for hire and they can be found in our Suppliers Directory located under the “Directory” tab in our home menu. Additionally, collaborations and many questions can be found in our forum. 

Does AEPA provide legal services to its membership?
While AEPA does NOT include legal services for its members, it does encourage its members to seek contract negotiation assistance from IMN Solutions (sponsor of AEPA). Additionally, you may find answers to your legal questions under our legal section of the forum.

Does AEPA host a conference?
AEPA has not hosted its own conference, but have plans to in the year 2019. 

What industry related conferences does AEPA recommend for its members?
AEPA recommends and often attends RCMA Emerge (held first quarter of the year) and Connect Faith (held last week of October). 

Does AEPA provide onsite training for its members?
AEPA does not normally provide onsite training for its members but encourage members to contact their local Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) to see what they have to offer. CVB is rich with information and resources for event planners and are located in all major cities. For assistance with locating your CVB, you can email your request to or via our contact us page on the website. 

In the meantime, please visit our education page on the website for webinars and other online resources.

Where can members collaborate and share ideas?
AEPA planners can collaborate, share and learn from each other in the forum found under the “Resource” tab in the home menu.  Our forum is rich as the information shared and exchanged there. So we encourage members to post as often as needed, sharing the what we call “Sweet & Salty” experiences of planning. Whether you are an expert in planning or someone seeking the advice of an expert, the AEPA forum is for everyone planning for excellence.

Can a planner submit an event to be featured on the website?
A planner can submit an event flyer or announcement by going to the Events tab in the menu. Flyers must be submitted as a .jpeg or .png file. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by our communication director. Submissions need to be in at least 2 weeks days before event. 

NOTE:  AEPA does not create or revise announcement submissions. Please make sure all work is final before submitting.  

Can I post a volunteer or paid opportunities and is there a fee?
Members can post event related opportunities, whether paid or volunteer at no additional cost in the forum.

When and how often is the election of board members held?
Elections are held every 3 years and done via online process or in-person at the annual meeting, if a quorum is met.

What is the process for nominating a member for the Board?
During the election year, members will be invited to nominate members, including themselves, for a position on the board via email during the nomination period.  Once the nomination period has closed and all names have been received by the Board, the names will be vetted by the Board per position. Once a candidate has received the approval of the Board, the final names will be sent out to the members via email and later voted either at the annual members meeting or via an online process (ex. survey monkey).

Are board members paid to serve?
All board members serve as volunteers.