debra-brillIt’s been twenty years since attending my first Religious Conference Management Association (RCMA) conference, where I was astonished to discover how many Adventist planners were also members! Since then, I’ve met many others who have expressed a desire to network and learn from other Adventist meeting planners. And now we have that opportunity through the Adventist Event Planners Association (AEPA).

AEPA was organized and is supported by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (NAD), and its leadership is elected by its membership for the purpose of promoting excellence in Adventist meetings. Like me, many planners were given responsibilities without having training or experience, negotiating contracts and managing budgets without knowledge of the risks.

Now we understand the importance of professional standards for meeting planning, and NAD is intentional about providing Adventist institutions with knowledge of best practices and partnerships that will provide quality events and protection from risks. AEPA is the place where Adventist planners can connect to learn from each other and from trusted industry providers. We’ve already experienced opportunities where AEPA is helping us gain leverage as Adventist planners working together.

You may be an Adventist administrator, ministry director, administrative assistant, hospital planner, educator or any number of people who find themselves responsible for planning events. If so, join AEPA and experience the benefits of membership!

Debra Brill

Vice President for Ministries