About Adventist Events

Some things that make Adventist Events Unique…

  • Most Adventist events, if not all, will require Vegetarian/Vegan Meals.Vegetarian meaning no meat including fish. Vegans meaning no meat including fish, dairy, or any other by products from animals. Please go to www.nadhealth.info for more information on the vegetarian/vegan diet. Note: All Seventh-day Adventists are not vegetarian/vegan. Normally when hosting an event through one of the organizations it is encouraged to promote the vegetarian/vegan diet which is part of the Seventh-day Adventist Health message. For more information on Seventh-day Adventist Healthy Lifestyle go to www.nadhealthministry.org. For creative and delicious Vegetarian/Vegan options, click here.

  • asi17There is no alcohol and smoking at Adventist events.

  • Seventh-day Adventist organizations are particularly sensitive to issues relating to work over Sabbath hours. (Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown). For more information about Seventh-day Adventists beliefs go to www.adventist.org.
  • Seventh-day Adventist organization is not for profit and its members pay 10% of their income to tithe and an additional 5% – 10% in offerings so the room rate per night can be sensitive.
  • Organizational Structure: The Seventh-day Adventist Church is organized with a representative form of church government. This means authority in the Church comes from the membership of local churches. Executive responsibility is given to representative bodies and officers to govern the Church. Four levels of Church structure lead from the individual believer to the worldwide Church organization:

    The local church is made up of individual believers

    The local conference, or local field/mission, is made up of a number of local churches in a state, province, or territory
    The union conference, or union field/mission, is made up of conferences or fields within a larger territory (often a grouping of states or a a whole country)

    The General Conference, the most extensive unit of organization, is made up of all unions/entities in all parts of the world. Divisions are sections of the General Conference, with administrative responsibility for particular geographical areas. This and additional information obtained from www.nad.adventist.org.